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Tool Design

We are a company with a lot of experience both designing and manufacturing our own tools through the 3D simulation program of Walter Machine: Tool Studio, which, according to our company policy, we keep updated on each machine in its latest to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the new versions of the software.

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Tools Work

Our company has 6 state-of-the-art Walter brand CNC sharpeners, all equipped with Fanuc robot, and a Rollomatic CNC grinder also equipped with its own robot. In this way we ensure that production is maintained 24 hours 7 days a week whenever necessary.

Zoller Genius 3s

Tools Calibration

Our sharpening machines have the built-in IMS measurement system, which is a software that is responsible for controlling and compensating the tools that are manufactured in automatic in the loaders, so that we make sure that they come out with the same quality since the first to the last of each series being manufactured.

Regardless of this we also have a Zoller Genius 3 machine with which we can control more specific data of the geometry of the tool, and a Helicheck Pro with Fanuc robot with which 100 of the geometry of certain certain tools to ensure its highest quality.

Com and Dist

At Arralbe Tooling we market our tools through different channels, such as through distributors as well as end customers.

For this purpose we have in stock 100 of the cataloged tool prepared for immediate shipment.


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